Avengers: Infinity War - 15 Characters Who Will Be Totally Different

1. Captain America

Captain America New Look
Marvel Studios

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At the end of Captain America: Civil War, Steve Rogers was effectively no longer Captain America. He'd surrendered his shield and was forced underground as a war criminal (a tag confirmed in Spider-Man: Homecoming). He fled initially to Wakanda, but it's unlikely he stayed there.


Rogers is basically Nomad, the mantle he took on in the comics after becoming disillusioned by the government he worked to protect for so long. He's still working underground on heroic missions (as confirmed by an official bio of the character) - still on the trail of what remains of HYDRA, seemingly - but he's probably not going by the Cap name.

And while he's not got a shield to begin with, by the time he heads to Wakanda to join the battle, he's going to get double arm-mounted Vibranium shields courtesy of T'Challa.

He's also rocking a sweet Bee Gees beard.

Which of these characters are you most keen to see again? Share your favourites below in the comments thread.

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