Avengers: Infinity War - 23 WTF Moments

Dick jokes, erectile dysfunction and tobacco adverts?!

Thanos WTF
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As surprises go, the ending of Avengers: Infinity War will forever rank as one of the biggest ever in comic book movie history. That it comes at the end of a movie so brilliantly put together with so much seemingly working against its potential success is just astonishing.

The Russos have achieved something incredible with this super-ensemble, delivering on the emotional stakes seeded over the past ten years and setting up Avengers 4 to be an even more essential watch. At times, the action will have left you breathless, the emotional beats will have squeezed everything out of you and Thanos will have inspired some seriously conflicted feelings. He is, after all, the crowning glory on what definitely feels like the best MCU movie experience to date.

But as with every movie, no matter how great the sum of its parts, some of those individual parts aren't entirely functional. And even when they are, they're enough to leave you scratching your head or furrowing your brow in confusion - because as much as Infinity War is a film defined by stunning moments, it also has a fair few WTF moments in there too...

23. Wait... No Valkyrie?

Valkyrie Thor Ragnarok
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After she was one of the best new additions to the Thor franchise in Thor: Ragnarok, we could have all been forgiven for expecting to see Valkyrie (not to mention the scene-stealing Korg and Miek) in the opening sequence of Infinity War.

It's good that we didn't, in a way, as they would have been dead, but couldn't there have been some way to even briefly show Valkyrie leading the other half of the Asgardians (who Thor mentions when he sees the Guardians as having been spared) to safety somehow?

Also, isn't it slightly mean of Thanos to kill off half of the Asgardians to balance the universe when most of them have already been killed in Hela's conquest of the planet? He hasn't just killed half of them, he's killed half of the eighth of them that survived that attack.

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