Avengers: Infinity War - 7 Consequences On Earth Thanos Did Not Consider

7. Accidents

Marvel Studios

Thanos' goal to eliminate half of all life was intended to achieve perfect balance and spare the Universe from poverty and starvation. However, one thing he clearly did not account for was the indirect human causalities following the snap. In what would be the most immediate effect, Thanos would cause global accidents that would instantly disrupt any ideal calibration.

At any given point, there are millions of drivers on the road. Car accidents are responsible for roughly 1.3 million deaths Worldwide every single year, with a roughly six percent fatality rate. If we were to apply that percentage in the moment immediately following the snap, Thanos is responsible for thousands, maybe millions of vehicular injuries and deaths.

There is also the issue of unpiloted trains, ships and aircraft. There is estimated to be over 100,000 commercial flights per day. Although your odds of surviving a plane crash are far greater than you might think (some studies showing as high as 76% in the worst of incidents), the sher number of unmanned aircraft could result in thousands of fatalities.

Let's not forget workplace accidents. Other than slips and falls, the most reoccurring occupational accidents are due to improperly handled or faulty machinery and vehicles. Imagine the guy operating a forklift completely dissappearing as he's moving two crates down a busy work station. In working environments such as warehouses and constructions sites in which procedure and safety standards can be a matter of life or death, these incidents would be far more common immediately after the snap.


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