Avengers: Infinity War - 7 Consequences On Earth Thanos Did Not Consider

6. The Stock Market

Marvel Studios

Stock exchanges were created with the purpose of allowing companies to raise capital from prospective investors. Most of the largest companies in the World today owe their status to public investment, including tech giants, automobile manufacturers and international banks. Even Stark Industries is publicly traded in both the MCU and Comics. This makes Stock Markets heavily reliant on consumer confidence, which is largely dependent on consistency and steady growth.

You never quite know what can shake this confidence. Everything from CEO resignations to natural disasters could be elemental. One of the most impactful of factors have been terrorist attacks, which are intended to create instability.

Tragic events in Manchester, Paris and Barcelona have all temporarily rattled markets. Following the horrific September 11th attacks in New York City and Washington D.C., the NYSE cancelled all activity for the remainder of the week and saw a 7.1% decline on the first day back.

Thanos' snap, although not done with the same destabilizing intent as Terrorism, would no doubt have a more amplified effect on stock and trading. With half of all investors vanishing in an instant, their will be a serious void in market activity.

Although not as serious as the human costs, the immediate financial damage could drastically change the lives and livelihoods of thousands that remain.


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