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Science Bros ASSEMBLE!

Marvel Science Bros

While the team-up of Bruce Banner and Thor in Ragnarok was a brilliant new dynamic for the MCU, there's no getting around the fact that Banner is meant to be with someone else. And while it's now been three years since he was on screen with his science bro Tony Stark in Avengers: Age Of Ultron we're now closing in on the reunion we now is coming in Infinity War when Banner crashes back to Earth.

The film will start with Banner coming face-to-face with Thanos on the Asgardian refugee ship that Thor is using to ferry his people to Earth at the end of Ragnarok and then ending up on Earth (presumably after escaping). He'll then land in New York (crashing into the Sanctum Sanctorum, in fact) to pass on the good news of Thanos' impending arrival no doubt, where he'll be reunited with Stark.

And according to Mark Ruffalo - who we all know loves to be chatty about his Marvel movie appearances - we might get to see some friction between the pair, based on a clash of ideologies and Banner's new changed demeanour:

“Well coming out of Thor 3, Banner’s had a life changing experience in Thor 3 that makes him much more expressive and not so internalized, you know? So it’s not combative but they’re not so in-sync as they were. Plus, Banner doesn’t understand Civil War. He just doesn’t get it.”

But fear not, because we're still going to get some quality Science Bros content, according to Ruffalo:

“Oh yeah, there’s great Science Bros. stuff. There’s good Science Bros. stuff. We’re paired up again.”

Presumably, this will come after Banner has told Stark how much of an idiot he was for the whole Civil War thing. Ruffalo and Chadwick Boseman also discussed how the revelation of Wakanda's scientific prowess will impact the other MCU geniuses (via ScreenRant):

Boseman: You definitely see where some of the gap is…You see where the gap is and what some things we’re able to do that they’re not able to do and that one you will definitely find.

Ruffalo: There’s no way to overcome what they’re facing without in some way coming to terms with their differences and embracing their diversity. That’s essentially a core value of the film and that together, only together, can they triumph.

Sadly, even with some good scenes, the Science Bros are going to end up torn apart again as Banner heads to Wakanda to fight Thanos' Outrider army in the Hulkbuster armour, while Iron Man goes to space with Spider-Man and ends up on the ruined Titan. But at least we know they're getting a chance to reunite before it all kicks off horribly.

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