Avengers: Infinity War Super Bowl Trailer Breakdown - 15 Things You Must See

14. Doomed Romance?

Infinity War Vision Scarlet Witch
Marvel Studios

As well as the grander scale issue of Thanos wanting to take all of the Infinity Stones as his own and destroy or conquer the universe (part of the pleasure here is that we don't know what he's aiming to do yet), Infinity War has a smaller, more personal story at its heart. It's a romance, and it's not going to end well.

Given that both of them are powered by Infinity Stones (the same one, actually), Vision and Scarlet Witch failing in love is a recipe for disaster for the pair, and you can't help but think that one or both of them are doomed. The fact that the trailer drops in this little exchange, as well as Wanda looking terrified due to whatever she "sees" in Vision's Mind Stone is also a fairly big indicator that something very bad is going to happen.

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