Batman Reboot: 10 Essential Villains And Who Should Play Them

10. The Penguin – Toby Jones

toby jones

The Penguin – also known as Oswald Cobblepot – is a classic Batman villain who’s hugely significant to the mythology. He’s an eccentric white collar criminal known for  his ties to ornithology. He runs a shady establishment known as the Iceberg Lounge which serves as Penguin’s front for a number of illegal financial stature.

Being a white collar foe, Batman hasn’t really dealt with any type of financial crime. Penguin would be a great secondary villain. A support system to the major players. A great way to portray this villain is to pattern him after Brian Azzarello’s version from his Joker graphic novel. In this comic, Penguin is a financier for the criminals and villains of Gotham City. He’s grotesque, shady and awful. He handles the illegal accounts of the city’s criminal elite.

This would be a somewhat grounded and dark take on the Penguin which, I believe, is what would be needed. However, I do think this reboot should veer away somewhat from the realism of Nolan’s trilogy. Throw in a couple of trick umbrellas. Maybe a helicopter umbrella and a machine gun variant, too.

Most people believe that Phillip Seymour Hoffman would be a great choice. I agree with most people. However, Hoffman doesn’t have any ties to comic book films and I don’t think he would do it. Toby Jones, however, was in Captain America: First Avenger and, after showing his desire to return in the sequel, he was added to said sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Both Hoffman and Jones portrayed Truman Capote; each performance garnered them accolades and praise. Each has superb acting abilities. These two actors seem to be greatly tied to one another. They’re both set to appear in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. However, Jones has the appearance to portray Penguin. He’s a little smaller than Hoffman. He’s also played more of the conniving and annoying character. Penguin is known to have a British background and Jones is British. I just believe he’s a better choice slightly more than Hoffman.