Batman Returns: 10 Awesome Images You’ve Never Seen

9. The McDonalds Effect

Global fast food chain brand MacDonald’s cashed in on the Bat-craze in 1992, but were left somewhat devastated when Tim Burton’s sequel to his dark but still family entertainment original, had been turned into a horror film with ultra bleak and mature themes, with disturbing violence and overtly sexual references that turned off parents from taking their kids to see it or have any association with its merchandise.

Two decades ago, these French fries holders were used to advertise the blockbuster with the iconic bat logo printed on the packaging but many were likely chucked away when MacDonalds had trouble selling tie-in merchandise and shut down production on their Batman Returns themed happy meals. This parental and advertisers backlash ultimately led to the end of Tim Burton’s association with the Batman universe.

Who would have thought this is now seen as vintage memorabilia?