Batman V Superman: 12 Early Reactions You Need To Know

12. Batman's Portrayal Will Upset Many Fans

The question on everyone's lips is: does Ben Affleck redeem himself for Daredevil? To a point, the answer seems to be "yes", with comments that his Caped Crusader is "the best big screen Bat to date" (Heyuguys) and "the best thing about BvS" (IGN). According to Empire, "Affleck underplays the role nicely, exuding rumpled world-weariness like only a man who€™s survived Gigli can, and dispelling any lingering memories of Daredevil", which is obviously an enormous relief. However, Batman purists are sure to take umbrage with other aspects of the character: he is "careless with human life - and his classic no guns, no killing rules are completely absent" (Digital Spy)". "Batman mows down loads of people in his Batmobile and Batwing...and he beats up bad guys with alarming ferocity" (Screen Crush), and "If you thought that Superman didn't act like Superman in Man of Steel, you will probably disapprove of Zack Snyder€™s version of Batman...This new Batman mutilates his criminals and kills without pause. Batman spends most of Batman v Superman acting like the film€™s villain" (Crave Online). Most condemningly, Forbes added that the new Batman is "terribly written...the least appealing cinematic incarnation of the character that you€™ve ever seen". Ouch. It seems like Affleck delivers but his material doesn't so much.
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