Batman V Superman: 34 Easter Eggs & References You Must See

33. The Death Of The Waynes

Though the opening sequence once more offering Batman's origin story is brief and a little disjointed (it should have been a more obvious dream sequence, given the film's fascination with that construct), it was a great, cheap way of paying homage to arguably the film's single biggest influence. The visual beats for that sequence, which of course starred a moustachioed (but uncredited) Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne and Lauren Cohan as his tragic wide, owe a lot to The Dark Knight Returns. The immediately iconic shot of Martha's pearls snaring on the gun barrel will be an obvious homage point for fans of that classic comic. The Mark Of Zorro poster in the background pays homage to the fact that the comic revealed that the Waynes had been to see it the night they died. The sight of Bruce surrounded by Bats when he falls into the subterranean cave is also from the same comic, though it's pretty broadly accepted as canon across all versions of his origin now. The flying bit isn't.
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