Batman V Superman: 8 Major Reveals About The Dark Knight From The New Images

8. Alfred Pennyworth, Butler No More

The idea of Bruce Wayne having a butler does seem a bit dated nowadays, and so it turns out that this Alfred Pennyworth has never actually taken on that role in the hero's life. Instead, he first came into the employ of Thomas and Martha Wayne as a bodyguard and was the only member of staff the young Bruce decided to keep on following the death of his parents. Now, Alfred is publicly known as being Bruce's chief of security. Becoming Bruce's legal guardian and confidant following the murder of his parents, it was actually Alfred who made the decision to leave Wayne Manor after the rest of the servants were dismissed )that explains why it's fallen into disrepair). Instead, rather than attempting to maintain an entire mansion by himself, the former SAS officer instead lives in what is described as a "comfortable trailer" on the grounds of the estate. It's apparently that SAS training (in areas like weapons, intelligence gathering, medicine, and piloting a variety of vehicles) which Alfred has used to both train and help Batman in his crime fighting duties in Gotham.

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