Batman V Superman: 8 Things That Need To Change To Make It Work

How Dawn Of Justice can beat Man Of Steel.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice does, admittedly, look pretty excellent going by the trailers, but there are also a great many traps into which it could fall judging by the most recent additions to the Batman and Superman franchises. Man Of Steel was divisive, to put it lightly - the fan backlash makes the film's ending destruction of Metropolis look slight by comparison. Even its staunchest defender, however, would concede there are some big things that need addressing as we go forward into the DC Extended Universe. Superman's a hard character to get right and while adding Batman may seem like an easy shortcut, there's a fair bit that needs tweaking for a truly memorable film. Sometimes filmmakers can become so close to their creations that they lose perspective and can't see the wood for the trees. Or, more accurately, they can't see the ridiculously overlong third act for the wicked cool slow-mo punching sequences. And that definitely applies to Zack Snyder. Here are the big changes that need to happen if Dawn Of Justice is going to be stand on its own two feet and succeed on its own terms. Otherwise, we'll be right back where we were with Man Of Steel. Or, shudder, Superman Returns.
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