Batman V Superman: 9 Major Reveals From The New Images

7. Everything Revolves Around Justice League

While Batman V Superman is no doubt a very important movie, it sounds almost just like an appetiser for the main course. That main course is 2017's Justice League movie, and Snyder was quick to point out that everything ultimately revolves around that superhero ensemble. Warner Bros. are taking the opposite approach to Marvel when it comes to their big superhero team-up as the solo movies that will deal with the origin stories of these characters are actually going to follow Justice League. It's up to those movies to apparently "support" Justice League, though the filmmakers working on them are being allowed more creative freedom as Snyder isn't reliant on them setting the stage for the coming together of DC's heroes. It sounds like Snyder is very much taking on the role of Kevin Feige at Warner Bros., but their approach won't be quite as strict as Marvel's when it comes to telling a continuously ongoing story. In other words, Wonder Woman can easily take place in World War I and do whatever the hell it wants so long as the Diana Prince we see there matches up with the one in Justice League. That's an interesting approach which could work well, but if you think it sounds like a mess, don't fret. The magazine were lucky enough to be shown a timeline by producer Deborah Snyder which showed how all of these movies fit together in the DC Extended Universe's timeline.

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