Batman vs Superman Movie: 5 Potential Villains


The new DC superhero blockbuster may pit the Dark Knight vs The Boy Scout but there is no doubt there will be at least one villain in the mix. Someone with the power to force their hand to combine their efforts. A truly epic physical and mental match will be needed in order to be a believable threat to these two incredible pop culture icons. With the immense destruction of the final battle scene of Man of Steel, it is clear that DC is going for entertainment and scale rather than Nolan's true-to-life treatment of Batman.

That opens the door for an impossibly powerful Batman from the comics, an ordinary man that has taken down the most powerful being on Earth on more than one occasion. Man of Steel also stressed the fact that Earth is not alone in their new universe, making the chances of intergalactic villain all that more likely. The conflict of Batman and Superman can be safely assumed to be the focal point of the story, thus the proposed title.

Any villain could possibly lead into a Justice League sequel. Unfortunately everything is speculation until the movie releases. But what villain could menace Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent enough to create the league? Batman vs. Superman will finally be coming into theatres in a few short years, so these are some possible foes. Beware of multiple spoilers!


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