Batman vs Superman Movie: Kevin Smith Calls New Batsuit "Mind-Bending"

Kevin Smith Batman

The news surrounding the upcoming 2015 flick, Batman vs. Superman, has sure made the rounds ever since Ben Affleck was cast. Backlash arose, and the whole world ignited in one single night with insight from every side. It was clear that fans didn't want Affleck cast, and even started a petition to have him removed from the project and demand a recast on Zack Snyder and Warner Bros.' parts.

This, however, won't happen.

Kevin Smith, one of Hollywood's biggest comedic directors and big-time Batman aficionado, reportedly visited the set of Batman vs. Superman. With an all-access pass to the secrets of the production, Smith is quite possibly the first person outside of production to witness the newly redesigned Batsuit. According to Smith, he managed to lay eyes upon the new suit, along with a picture of Affleck fully suited up; upon seeing things for himself, he "instantly bear-hugged Snyder."

This is what Kevin Smith had to say on his own podcast, Babble On:

"I saw the Batman costume. More than that, I saw a picture of in the costume. I don't want to give anything away 'cause that is up to them and stuff, but I am going to say this: I instantly bear hugged . You have not seen this costume on film before. For a comic book fan, it was mind-bending, because every other movie does this Matrix-y black armor thing. There wasn't a single nipple on this suit. I think everyone is just gonna be like 'Holy s--t!'"

While I regularly dismiss hear-say from numerous sources, rather believing it until I see it, I think Smith is 100% telling the truth here. He's one of the most open directors out there in Hollywood, and shares his love and joy of comic books to his fans on his podcast, so having him relay this information publicly is something to think about. On the other hand: it's awesome to known that the new Batsuit won't bring back the nipples. There is a God.

It's also exciting to ponder what exactly Smith saw; while there hasn't been a leak of the new Batsuit yet (for obvious reasons), it's still thoroughly fascinating to wonder what exactly Zack Snyder is doing that would smitten a Batman fan like Kevin Smith. I guess we'll all have to wait until Warner Bros. or Zack Snyder himself release anything significant to the open public.


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