Batman Vs. Two-Face Review: 7 Ups & 5 Downs

A fitting send-off for Adam West.

Batman Vs Two Face Box Art
Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Animation's latest Batman movie, Batman vs. Two-Face, is out now on VOD platforms, and though these films tend to be woefully inconsistent for the most part, this sequel to last year's enjoyable Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders is for the most part a goofy delight.

Notable for being the final Batman project starring the late Adam West, the film gives the actor a rock solid send-off, and though it is subject to some of the pitfalls associated with most animated Batman movies, it also avoids a lot of the more egregious issues.

Either way, if you love vintage Batman or simply want to see Two-Face portrayed by William freaking Shatner of all people, this is an absolute must-see, and at just 72 minutes in length, it's hardly going to take up much of your day.

While the more recent contemporary-themed Batman animated films still seem unable to escape their troubling, rampant sexism, this gleeful throwback to the 1960s is a far more wholesome, clever and straight-up entertaining outing...


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