Beauty And The Best Remake: 6 Iconic Elements They Left Out

Some changes aren't welcome...


The Beauty and the Beast remake was a sure-fire hit for Disney in its ever-expanding strategy of "Le'ts redo all our classic 'toons, but for realsies this time!" But reception of the film has been surprisingly split.

But while some have found it to be, at best, unnecessary, for the most part, audiences worldwide are embracing it as a magical update on the classic tale as old as time. The new songs are great, the character designs intricate and imaginative, and Gaston’s IRL pompadour is more than satisfactorily pomp’d.

Given that the '91 animated movie has become such a classic, fans may have found themselves waiting for certain things to happen, certain details to reveal themselves as the remakers avoided messing with the formula too much. You know, those little "Je ne sais quois," as LeFou would say, that made the cartoon so special.

While many of the things did in fact happen, they tended to be big set pieces, but there were a few iconic tidbits missing from this film that would have been wonderful to see in live-action.


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