Bill Murray Turned Down Ghostbusters 3 Because of the Script

I have always hoped that if there were to be a third "Ghostbusters" film that it could play upon the idea of perhaps the Ghostbusters being old and past it, maybe that after the second film the business got on its feet, it became something bigger than it had ever been before, it got franchised out across the United States, maybe even abroad. Now, the four 'busters have got it easy, they're successful - to varying degrees - and almost everyone has moved away from the business to focus on retirement. Of course, Stantz is as dedicated to it as ever, but Egon (Harold Ramis, who may direct the third film replacing franchise regular Ivan Reitman) prefers to continue different avenues of scientific research in a private lab, Winston Zedmore is raising a family, Venkman is exploiting his celebrity, he's married to Dana Barrett (Sigourney Weaver) and their son Oscar is grown up and DOESN'T FEATURE IN THE FILM! Meanwhile Louis Tully (Rick Moranis) does the firm's accounting, and is part of the reason why the franchise has continued to be so successful, with the Ghostbusters HQ now turned into a 'museum' for the vintage Ecto 1 and the old style proton-packs, with new franchise members sporting sleeker Apple-esque designs. Unfortunately there's a ghost with a vendetta, something from the Ghosbusters past who has plans to open a doorway between Earth and the spirit world for good, allowing evil demons to enter our reality permanently... I mean, it's the usual villainous set-up, but in this instance the big bad is killing off Ghostbuster franchises one by one, and with each successful murder opens up their containment unit. Soon the world is overrun with spooks and spectres, and, well... Who you gonna call? The old gang have to get back together, break out the vintage busting supplies and face off against some ectoplasmic bastard for one last battle. But, that's my take on it, hopefully one day we'll find out what Aykroyd and co have in mind! Or, I'm available to help write the script if they're interested...
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