Black Panther: 20 WTF Moments


Black Panther What Are Those
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Despite how hyped Black Panther has been, it's still something of a surprise how well Ryan Coogler's stand-alone has delivered nor how incredibly well it's doing at the box office. After all, not so long ago, Black Panther wasn't a premium Marvel character and he was considered enough of a gamble for Marvel to wait until Phase 3 to debut him properly.

But those surprises are great to behold, and it's good that the faith everyone has shown in both the movie and its talent is paying off with a box office haul that could genuinely hit a billion. It absolutely deserves to get to that sort of level, given how well it works as a solo Panther movie and how much it could impact the rest of the MCU.

Naturally, it's set in a strange new world of futuristic tech and it positively revels in its difference. And while it's a brilliantly successful film, that doesn't mean it doesn't have lots of moments that will leave you scratching your head or your jaw hanging aghast. And there are more than a few WTF moments in there...

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