Black Panther's TWO Post-Credits Scenes Explained

Stick around folks.

Marvel Studios

Does Black Panther have any post-credits scenes? You bet it does. Two of them, and they matter.

Already, Black Panther looks set to break Marvel records with a stunning opening despite it being February and this traditionally being the release window where blockbusters go to die. It's no accident either: Ryan Coogler's stylish, emotionally and politically charged stand-alone deserves the accolades and the attention it's currently being showered with.

It has arguably the best ever MCU villain, it's more personal than the majority of the franchise's other chapters and it bears all the marks of an assured, confident film-maker. If you were to watch this in a vacuum without knowing how many movies Coogler had made, there's no way you'd correctly pick it as only his third.

As a stand-alone, it's surprisingly removed from the rest of the MCU, aside from a few ties (and none to Infinity War really), but the ending does set up space for sequels and the step to Infinity War. And the biggest way that happens comes with the two post-credits stingers, which deal with Wakanda's role in the world into Phase 4 and the small matter of a certain White Wolf.

So what are the stingers and are they worth staying in your seat for? Read on.

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