Blade Runner 2049 Review: 8 Ups & 2 Downs

1. It's Arguably Better Than The Original

Blade Runner Harrison Ford
Warner Bros.

This is a compliment that's going to drive a lot of fans wild and will have them arguing back and forth: 2049 just might be better than Ridley Scott's mind-blowing original.

While it can never match the original film's iconic appeal and influence, 2049's tone feels a little more coherent overall, whereas the 1982 film indulged in a number of silly scenes that felt rather out of place (Sebastian's "toys", for one, and all of Daryl Hannah's acrobatic nonsense).

Above all else the new movie expands this world and the characters therein in fascinating ways, and the timely concerns it raises certainly make it feel like a sequel for the tech-obsessed age we live in.

Some will argue that the new film is too long and can't match the original's impact, but it is a staggering achievement all the same, and every bit as worthy of being labelled a flawed masterpiece.

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