Bond 24: 10 Unadapted 007 Stories We'd Love To See Made Next

3. Colonel Sun (Kingsley Amis, aka Robert Markham)

sun Colonel Sun, written by Kingsley Amis (aka Robert Markham), is another classic throw back for Bond. It places 007 in the middle of cold war strife, but also involves some ex-nazis as well. This time Bond is actually playing for team Russia, but they of course have no idea. At their international conference Bond stops an insidious plan of the Chinese People's Liberation Army's Colonel Sun to destroy the peace. The Chinese versus the Russians? Apparently Colonel Sun is also being aided by an old Nazi, Von Richter, so it makes sense. Bond is later captured and tortured horribly by Sun, but is saved by the hands of a Bond girl. The book is often quoted as being one of the best Bond novels ever written and would be a prefect choice for adaptation in the future.

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