Sebastian Hasselbeck of Quentin Tarantino Archives has scored an exclusive first look at Bridget Von Hammersmark’s new movie FRAULIEN DOKTOR, her next movie before she starts production on FRAU SCHULZ.

(not really, but it’s pretty fun to say. It is of course Diane Kruger’s German film star character from INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. This is one of the posters for a film her character supposedly starred in)…


Tarantino, possibly the ultimate film-buff is nodding to a few things here. My google research tells me that there was a movie titled FRAULIEN DOKTOR that was a 1969 espionage thriller “that begins with a kiss fires the fuse of the poison gas war”.

Described by this site as

“…one of the most memorable Euro-war movies ever produced. Shot in Yugoslavia, with a mix of Italian and British actors, it encompasses everything the genre is about: graphic violence, disturbing images, sly wit and wry humor, and unexpected anti-war sentiment. It’s honestly one of the best movies in the genre I’ve seen to date”.

But it’s this description which I found the most interesting…

“The movie does get a little confusing and slow sometimes – and there’s a lot of detail to keep track of – but it all builds to a spectacular finale. The Germans unleash their poison gas, which no mask can keep out. It wipes out thousands (literally) of British soldiers, who are seen to write and rot as it eats their flesh away. Then the Germans emerge from the midst on horseback like the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. It’s chilling, frightening and utterly convincing in graphic detail. You can also expect a rather unexpected lesbian scene and some scenes of small animals being gassed before the weapon is used on the Allied forces”.

The lead character was played by Susan Kendell. She portrayed a beautiful but emotionless German spy with a morphine habit. Which is very interesting for those who have read the script for Tarantino’s new movie.

Seb tells me he expects to have a set report uploaded over the weekend and that the wrap party for BASTERDS is imminent.

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This article was first posted on January 22, 2009