Bryan Singer Announces X Men: Apocalypse For 2016!

Age Of Apoc

With X Men: Days Of Future Past now only a mere five months away from release there is no way we could get any more excited, right?


Excitement levels have just rose a few notches because Bryan Singer has announced on his Twitter page that 20th Century Fox have already set a release date and title for the X-Men: Days Of Future Past sequel.

X Men: Apocalypse will open May 27th 2016.

It has not yet been said whether the movie will be based on 'The Age of Apocalypse' storyline but it seems likely given the direction the franchise has been going in. Certainly it seems certain it will include the villain Apocalypse, who has been one of the most powerful and powerful X Men baddies for a long time, and fans know him for being En Sabah Nur, the world's first mutant. Being immortal and in some cases, an unstoppable force, Apocalypse is basically like Darkseid for the X Men universe.

With X-Men: Apocalypse coming a year after The Fantastic Four reboot, which rumours suggest could be set in the same universe as this movie, we could have an epic battle that could rival The Marvel Cinematic Universe and The DC Cinematic Universe. By introducing Apocalypse this also gives Fox the opportunity to introduce Mister Sinister and The Four Horsemen, who have been fan favourites to appear on film for years.

Like stated before, it is not confirmed they will follow this classic storyline however if it is to happen, my ideal Four Horsemen line up would be: Archangel, Famine, Polaris and Abraham Kieros. This gives us the opportunity to bring Angel back to a better role than the 5 minutes he was in X Men: The Last Stand, a chance to introduce Magneto's daughter Polaris and bringing two more impressive mutants to the big screen. Most of all what gets me excited is the chance to introduce Mister Sinister into the X Men Cinematic Universe, as he is my favourite X Men villain and it also gives an opportunity to bring back Cyclops and Jean Grey.

As for who I think should play Apocalypse, Bryan Singer should look no further than his frequent collaborator Kevin Spacey. With some make up and motion capture I believe Spacey could really bring about a destructive threat for the X Men and be a force to be reckoned with. He has voice acting experience under his belt so finding the right voice for Apocalypse should not be an issue for him. As for Mister Sinister, if he is to show up, I also believe certain actor with a connection to Bryan Singer who I believe has the look, intelligence and charisma to bring Sinister to life, and that is Hugh Laurie.

So what do you think? Are you excited for this movie? Who would you chose to play Apocalypse? What mutants do you want to see introduced? Whatever your thoughts, leave a comment down below.


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