Can You Match These 13 Killers To The Horror Franchise?

Horror has as many iconic characters as the superhero genre, but how many can you recognise?

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Horror is amidst an awesome resurgence. Sure, there's still a few duds every year but there's also more blockbuster scary movies than there has been in a few decades. From the most recent installations of classics like Halloween and IT, to the stellar newbies like The Conjuring and It Follows, horror buffs are being treated to excellence on a yearly basis.

Horror is such an awesome and diverse genre that it has a dedicated fan-base all unto itself. A large reason for that is because of the iconic characters that spawn from many of these franchises. Well, today we want to put your knowledge of these horror movie slashers to the test.

Things will start off easy but quickly take a town for the worse...just like a horror movie. But don't worry, the only thing in danger here is your knowledge and your pride. Begin at your own peril!

Answers at the end!

1. In What Franchise Would You Find This Killer?

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