Captain America: Civil War - 8 Major Reveals From The New Images

8. It Sets The Stage For Avengers: Infinity War

Once Joe and Anthony Russo are finished with Captain America: Civil War, they'll be reteaming with writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFreely for the two-part Avengers: Infinity War. While there may be a lot of movies between this one and those, common sense says that there will be some big connections, especially as many of the characters who appear here likely won't be seen again until Thanos makes his presence felt. "We've written three movies about a pretty stoic guy, and now we get to write for all the gang," McFeely teased when asked about making the jump from the Captain America franchise to The Avengers. "But Civil War was a walk in the park compared to these other two. We're writing scenes for characters that haven't been cast yet..." Who could he be referring to there? Well, we know at least one of them is Captain Marvel! Regardless, Joe Russo went on to clear up just how connected these movies really will end up being, and it sounds like they may have started laying the groundwork as far back as 2014's Captain America: The Winter Soldier. "We wanted Winter Soldier, Civil War, and the Infinity War films to have a strong through line. We look at this movie as setting the stage for Infinity War, how it starts and what condition everybody is in."

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