Captain America: Civil War - 8 Ways It Could Ruin Everything

8. Going In Hard On Making Iron Man A Villain Would Be A Massive Error

Everyone loves Tony Stark. There's a reason why you children yearn to dress up as Iron Man rather than, say, the Green Lantern. Stark's a witty, snide, arrogant playboy with a robotic suit of armour. There's nothing about him that isn't really cool, aside from that time he made a really creepy joke about prima nocta. And yet it looks, due to Captain America being a) morally incorruptible and b) the guy with his name in the title of the movie, very much like Stark's been set up to be the principal antagonist. Stark's just not hatable enough to carry the mantle of evil around. He's a bit of a tit, yes; but he's not evil. And don't start with the stuff about how there's no good and evil anymore and how morality's a spectrum. This is a superhero movie, not A La Recherche De Temps Perdu. There needs to be a bad guy. Most likely, Baron Zemo will endanger absolutely everyone and necessitate the guys having to patch up their differences in a heartrending show of stiff-upper-lip, barely-restrained emotion. At least I very much hope so - if the movie gets to the third act and there's no sign of any awkward, half-mumbled apologies and affirmations of friendship then I'm going to kick off.

Holding midfielder; can get forward. Decent engine.