Captain America: Civil War Plot - 12 Hints Kevin Feige Has Already Given

Origins? Who needs them?!

It's well established now that Kevin Feige likes to talk about his job in public: he's basically the MCU's biggest hype man, dropping sweet hints at what he and his Marvel team are currently working on and teasing fans into a state of frenzy. Part of that, obviously, is about misinformation (or at least part-information) and revealing just enough to spin theories and rumours out of it, but occasionally the Marvel supremo just openly admits things. Ok, so film-makers also lie, but if we take Feige's collected revelations from interviews and press appearances as fact, it's possible to pick out some pretty big hints of what to expect when Civil War is released in May. That includes big details on Tom Holland's Spider-Man (who the Russos have called "invaluable" to Civil War), the influence of Ant-Man and which wildcard characters might appear. Clearly, when you're Marvel Entertainment's big boss, it's good to talk...

12. The Wasp Won€™t Appear

Before the revelation that The Wasp would be sharing title billing with Ant-Man in the coming sequel, Feige was asked whether Hope Van Dyne would appear in Civil War as an introduction to her in costume. Unfortunately for fans of the character, the boss gave a resounding no:
"Civil War has a lot of things going on it, and it feels like with Ant-Man, we just saw all of his things. It€™s going to be fun to see Hope for the first time, put that suit on and go out with Scott. We didn€™t want it to become just a moment amongst moments. So whether we actually get to see it in a standalone Ant-Man film, or as a larger part of a future film, we€™re still figuring that out."
So while it's a little disappointing that we still have to wait to see her in costume, at least Feige has acknowledged that it was done so as not to crowd an important moment out in white noise.
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