Captain America: Civil War - Ranking The Characters By Screen Time

How much of everyone are we going to see?

The Captain America: Civil War trailer dropped a couple of weeks ago and gave Marvel Cinematic Universe fans their first real glimpse of what it's all about. Full of fights and betrayals, above all it emphasised just how much is going to be crammed into the movie. The thirteenth MCU instalment will see two teams of superheroes going head-to-head with each other over various issues - the most prominent of which will be a disagreement over a legislative bill to regulate all superhuman activity called the Sokovia Accords. The number of heroic individuals in the movie alone is into double figures, so when you factor in the other characters - the villains, the people implementing the Sokovia Accords, the heroes' regular supporting characters - there's going to be an even bigger battle occurring between them all for screen time. Who'll get the most and who's going to be getting a glorified cameo? Let's find out.

Honourable Mention: Doctor Strange

Although he's not listed as appearing in the movie, Doctor Strange is very likely to briefly appear in the mid-credits or post-credits scene of Captain America: Civil War. Benedict Cumberbatch has already started filming for his role as the Sorcerer Supreme and, given that the character's solo movie is the subsequent MCU instalment, his appearance in or after the credits would act as a preview to it. He probably won't have a single line of dialogue and will only be on screen for a matter of seconds, but he's certainly the most likely candidate to appear in the scene that has become a Marvel Studios custom. We might even briefly see some magic on show!

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