Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2 - 11 Things We Want To See

Are we about to get our first look at Tom Holland's Spider-Man?

Fans are gearing up for the cinematic smackdown of the century, where two of the world€™s most beloved super men will battle each other in a winner takes all fight to the death. I€™m talking €“ of course - about Captain America: Civil War. Seriously, is there any other super dust up even close to this level? The Captain America solo movies have gone from strength to strength, and if rumours are to be believed early test screenings of Civil War have gone through the roof. The story certainly sounds like it€™s going to be epic, and will have far reaching implications for the MCU. It will also be the first solo movie where people won€™t be able to snark €œHey, why doesn€™t he just call The Avengers for help?€ since the team will play a big part in proceedings too. The excitement for the movie could scarcely be higher, and the rumour mill is refreshed daily with theories about what will happen. The second trailer for Civil War is imminent, and with that in mind there are a few things we'd like to see from it; a firmer grasp on the story and how a few characters will play into it chief among them.

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