Captain Marvel: 9 MCU Loose Ends It Answers

A no-show for Loki's invasion??? Here's why.

Marvel Studios

As well as being a proud stand-alone addition to the MCU, the 90s-based Captain Marvel movie was faced with another challenge: Locking in with the franchise's already fully-fleshed timeline.

There's bound to be more than a few people who have undergone the Iron Man-onwards marathon in the run-up to Endgame, meaning Phase One will be remarkably fresh in their heads. It was, therefore, Captain Marvel's responsibility to keep all of that continuity tight.

Of course, the movie didn't explain every little missing gap, and that's probably for the best. Long-running sagas always benefit from the odd bit of dead space, which people can bridge with their own thoughts and theories.

That said, the narrative walkways that Captain Marvel did build were pretty darn great. Some were answers to obvious questions we had going into the movie, whereas others served as unexpected surprises. Overall, the movie tied up loose ends that fans can talk about until the big Endgame finally comes in April...

9. Why Korath Became Loyal To Ronan


The loyal Kree soldier, Korath the Pursuer, was a nice surprise addition to the Captain Marvel roster. Whilst everyone expected to see a younger and marginally less fanatical Ronan The Accuser, Korath sneaked in on the side. Though he mostly assumed serious henchman mode, there was one interesting piece of character development relating to his role in the first Guardians of the Galaxy film.

The movie's head heel, Yon-Rogg is as subversive as Ronan is ruthless and so the characters naturally come to a verbal disagreement during a conversation midway into Captain Marvel. Korath's loyalty to Yon-Rogg's orders appears momentarily compromised, as the soldier appears to look disapprovingly away from his commander and rather more respectfully towards the hologram from where Ronan appeared.

The underlining premise is that Korath's no-nonsense approach to the Kree doctrine was more in keeping with Ronan's brutal methods than Yon-Rogg's underhanded tactics. This explains why he signs up to become a loyal front to The Accuser's stone-tracking expeditions, decades later in Guardians of the Galaxy.


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