Captain Marvel Review: 7 Ups & 6 Downs

5. Some Of The Humour Isn't Great

Captain Marvel Jude Law
Marvel Studios

There's an argument that pops up repeatedly around MCU movies that they sometimes try too hard to shoe-horn in comedy where it's not appropriate or just not entirely necessary. That happens in the first act of Captain Marvel a couple of times (and later less frequently).

The script definitely comes into its own as the action picks up a little halfway through, but there are definitely some jokes that didn't need to be attempted. "Vers" screaming in a Skrull's face while fighting was just dumb, for instance, and it's not the only one that lands with a faint, wet toot.

The script actually has some issues, particularly early on, and some character exchanges feel like first drafts. And there's also a little too much reliance on Goose the cat, which cat-lovers will... love, obviously, but it's all a little cynical and cheap after a while. Not a bad character, by any means, but if you think it's the MVP, maybe try wondering what that says about the rest of the movie.

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