Captain Marvel Reviews: 11 Early Reactions You Must See

NOW you can start getting excited about Marvel's newest hero.

Captain Marvel
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It's time to start getting very excited about Captain Marvel. With Avengers: Endgame's marketing properly kicked off and the big procession through to the end of Phase 3 striking up the band already, we've got the grand occasion of Marvel's first real female-led comic book movie in the very near future.

The first people on the planet to be lucky enough to see the film have now done so and the most exciting revelation is that - despite a couple of suggestions of it being a touch uneven (though this is not a general consensus by any means) - the film is excellent.

Naturally, those early reactions will be looked at by fans specifically to see how well the new characters work and how the film sits alongside the rest of the MCU. These aren't full reviews at this stage, of course, but there's a lot to learn from them all the same...

11. Brie Larson Is Excellent

When the first trailer was released - and even after the second - there was a vocal element of Internet commenters (mostly on Twitter and Reddit, to be honest) who leaped on the fact that Brie Larson was apparently playing Caro Danvers in a clipped fashion. A debate then kicked off around whether she was consciously suppressing emotion because she was an alien or whether it just wasn't a very good performance.

Mercifully - as we should have all known - there's nothing wrong with the performance at all. Most of the early reactions in some way take the time to reference how great she is as Carol Danvers. So you can retire your conspiracy theories now.

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