Captain Marvel: What Does The Ending Really Mean?

9. Carol Is Off To Fight For The Skrulls

Captain Marvel Subway
Marvel Studios

Captain Marvel has a few twists hidden away, but perhaps none are better than the reveal that its the Kree, rather than the Skrulls, who serve as the real antagonists here. While Carol Danvers starts out by fighting the Skrulls as part of Starforce, and continuing that once they get to Earth, we quickly learn that all the Skrulls really want is a new home.

An alliance is struck, and come the end of the film, Captain Marvel makes the decision to go back into space and help the Skrulls search for a new homeworld. She started off as a Kree soldier, but ends it fighting for the freedoms of their greatest rivals, which is quite the turnaround.

Captain Marvel is the kind of hero who should stand as a beacon of goodness and hope in the MCU: the movie spends a long time with her true nature shrouded in secrecy from herself, but by the end, she's leading a group of refugees to find a safe place to live. That's a pretty fitting place for the character to be at this point, and it also leaves her story with the Skrulls open for more exploration in the inevitable sequel.


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