Casting The Fantastic Four In The MCU

7. Silver Surfer - Mackenzie Davis

Mackenzie Davis Silver Surfer
AMC/Marvel Comics

Where there's Galactus, there needs to be his herald. The Silver Surfer had a prominent role in Fox's Fantastic Four sequel, but the character is more than deserving of another shot, especially given how the Surfer can play as both a villain and a hero.

A character who offered to become Galactus' herald, scouting out new worlds for him to devour in return for saving his own, there's a tragedy to the character that plays nicely will how cool the imagery of surfing around the galaxy is, alongside the cosmic powers possessed thanks to Galactus.

Mackenzie Davis, then, would be able to imbue the recognisable qualities of the Silver Surfer, while bringing her own twist that would keep things fresh. Silver Surfer is a good person at heart, and Davis has proven through the likes of Halt and Catch Fire and Black Mirror that she can play someone who often struggles to connect with people while being well-meaning, and could definitely capture the melancholy of the character too.

What she'd add, though, is a more sarcastic, cutting sense of humour, which would give the character another layer - and mesh well with how he doesn't quite gel with others - and fit with Marvel's brand.


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