Comic-Con 2018: 6 Ups And 3 Downs

6. #CloneWarsSaved

Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 7

One of the biggest surprises was also one of the first, with Lucasfilm announcing on Thursday that Star Wars: The Clone Wars was returning for a seventh season.

The news comes five years after Disney decided to 'wind down' the animated series, despite its popularity, which meant that it never got a chance to properly finish its story. With Dave Filoni returning and 12 episodes ordered, there's now the chance for a real conclusion.

All the major players are back, including Ahsoka Tano, who looks set to have a big role. The trailer suggests it's going to take us right up to the events of Revenge of the Sith, and portray the Siege of Mandalore too, which means Ahsoka vs Maul and some potentially awesome action sequences.

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