Comic Con Unveils Lily Collins As SNOW WHITE!

Is she the fairest of them all or will Kristen Stewart have something to say about that?

Comic Con 2011 is now in full swing and with it comes a tide of treats for all you film geeks out there. Fresh from the festival and with the help of an Entertainment Weekly article we can bring you a first look at Tarsem Singh€™s still untitled Snow White movie, with a profile shot of the eponymous lead. Brit actress Lily Collins (The Blind Side) plays the flowery princess, below is the debuting image. Singh€™s fairy tale sees Julia Roberts as the evil Queen, who keeping to her name has it in for not only her husband (newly cast Sean Bean) but also her stepdaughter, the poor Snow White. The valiant Prince (Armie Hammer) and those delightful seven dwarves come to save the day. There€™s sure to be opinionated mirrors and drugged apples galore, yet Singh promises a very faithful adaptation. Collins tells EW;

€œShe€™s very much that fairy tale princess we€™ve all read about in books. She€™s been modernized in a way that she becomes a fighter in the end... They€™re competing for the prince in separate ways,€ she adds about the story. €œThe Queen wants to use him to better herself. I€™m seeking his help to gain back my kingdom from the Queen. She has her intentions from the start. I go from seeking his help to falling in love, though obviously there€™s something of a spark from the beginning.€
Fighting to be the fairest of them all is a rival Snow White film for 2012 in the shape of Universal and Rupert Sanders€™Snow White And The Huntsman starring Kristen Stewart (who seems more suited for the pale princess), Charlize Theron as the evil Queen and Thor€™s Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman. In a bid to outdo the racier adaptation, Relativity Media have chosen Comic Con to unveil the look of their film, yet I still believe Sanders€™ version will win the audiences hard earned cash come this time next year. Singh€™s still untitled Snow White film, more than likely to be named, simply Snow White is released March 16th 2012, but after this painfully average preview I€™m more concerned with the edgier adaptation in which you can see the likes of Eddie Izzard and Nick Frost as the infamous dwarves, that one, Snow White And The Huntsman is out June 1st 2012.
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