Hot off the massive news that Disney have bought the rights to Star Wars, MTV Geek reported yesterday that another huge franchise may soon be donning those silly little mouse ears and calling the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse home. That’s right kids of the 1980′s, dust off your classic action figures – Disney have their sights set on getting hold of Hasbro and more importantly Transformers.

Walt Disney Pictures made headlines over the last few years when it bought out comics giant Marvel  and then more recently struck a multi-billion dollar deal with George Lucas to take control over the much coveted Star Wars Universe, guaranteeing geeks everywhere at least one more movie set post original trilogy.

Although simply buying out Hasbro would not guarantee Disney the rights to Optimus Prime for the big screen – they presently reside at Paramount – it will certainly be able to utilise the manufacturing rights for the toy lines, as well as acquiring the rights to other classic toys including Hungry Hippos, Monopoly and even GI Joe.

Coughing up a few billion dollars to buy out Hasbro would also prove beneficial to Disney as Hasbro is still a primary retailer for Star Wars action figures and merchandise and has already collaborated with The House of Mouse on its own movie tie ins.

No official word has yet come out so please act surprised when it finally does leak to the world – and kindly keep your Transformers/Star Wars/Marvel crossover wet dreams to yourself, thanks.

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This article was first posted on November 7, 2012