Cracking Quiz, Gromit! - Celebrating 30 Years Of Wallace And Gromit

How well do you remember the crackpot inventor and his faithful pooch?


Believe it or not, but it's been thirty years since Wallace and Gromit first hit our screens.

The pair's first short film, A Grand Day Out, premiered in 1989, and his since been followed up by three more shorts, a feature film, and countless appearances in TV shows, adverts, and games.

Nick Park's two most famous creations have become a symbol of British culture, serving as fictional ambassadors for the nation and bringing smiles to faces of millions around the world.

With such a rich history to delve into, coming up with 25 questions about everyone's favourite inventor and his dog was a piece of cake... or should that be a piece of cheese?

Test your knowledge on the world's most famous clay-mation duo with these questions about their appearances in film, either short of feature-length.

Put the kettle on, lad, it's time to sit back, relax, and take the ultimate Wallace and Gromit quiz. Answers at the end!

1. On Which UK TV Channel Was A Grand Day Out First Broadcast In 1990?

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