Updated: Variety says Sunjata is in talks to play a ‘special forces operative’ which probably does mean he’s on Gordon’s taskforce. They add that Diego Klattenhoff (as a rookie cop) and in a supporting role Burn Gorman (a recognisable British character actor who has been a regular in Torchwood, The Runaway and Bleak House but film fans should remember him as the obnoxious cop from Cemetery Junction) are also likely to end up in the film.

Chris Nolan is deep into casting for The Dark Knight Rises and one new addition has been secured today. The Tracking Board says Grey’s Anatomy, Rescue Me and Law & Order t.v. actor Daniel Sunjata will play ‘important character to the story’ but that’s all we know. Usually at this point I make a prediction at who he could be playing and normally I say ‘cop on Gotham’s crew’ but honestly, I don’t have any ideas on this one. I’m not particularly familiar with his work.

The Dark Knight Rises begins filming next month for a release July 20th, 2012. Christian Bale (Batman), Gary Oldman (Gordon), Michael Caine (Alfred), Anne Hathaway (Catwoman), Tom Hardy (Bane), Marion Cotillard (Talia Al Ghul), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (?), Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox), Juno Temple (Holly Robinson?), Josh Pence (a young Ra’s in 30 years earlier flashback), Daniel Sunjata (?) seems to be how the cast is shaping up.

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This article was first posted on April 12, 2011