Danielle Harris returns to Halloween

danielleharris.jpgAnother casting tidbit to bring you from the Halloween remake. Danielle Harris has signed on to play a new character known as Annie Brackett, who is described as being Laurie's best friend. Harris played a young girl named Jamie Lloyd Carruthers in both Halloween's 4 and 5. Bloody Disgusting have got the character synopsis from a casting breakdown... " Emancipated or legal 18 to play 18, Caucasian, female. PARTIAL NUDITY REQUIRED FOR THIS ROLE. She is LAURIE'S best friend, cute, and curly-haired, full of teen enthusiasm and charm. Borderline bad girl (she rebels, but in a sweet way)." I guess we are going to see her nude then, or at least partially nude. She's hot, so it's all good. Ya know as much as Zombie's remake pisses me off, I have to praise how well informed the guy has kept us during the production of this picture. He has told us of all the casting he has made for the flick, even the very small roles and has constantly kept us updated on his intentions with the remake. It's fantastic having this close communication with a director as they are making a movie. He has even taken the time to put up casting photo's of the whole crew over at his Myspace page, which you can find by clicking here. Gotta say aswell, he has brought together a mighty fine cast. Still mysterious by her absent though, is the casting of lead character Laurie Strode. Will he go for a unknown, or someone we have heard of. My guess is, we will be finding out very soon! source - bloody disgusting
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