Darren Aronofsky's Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

7. Mother!

Mother Jennifer Lawrence Javier Bardem
Paramount Pictures

Aronofksy's latest movie is unfortunately his worst film to date, but it's still an intriguing provocation.

A stylish, moody and well-acted horror film that nevertheless overdoses on comically un-subtle imagery and ideas, it's a sumptuous, absurd romp like only the director knows how, but it might leave you wishing there was a little more of substance under-the-hood.

Still, those who enjoy their cinema surreal and disquieting will get enough out of it, and again, the performances and direction are undeniably impressive. Placed within the context of the director's filmography, though, it feels a little lacking, especially when compared to his better works.

It does deserve to be distinguished for featuring easily the most disturbing scene from anything Aronofsky has ever made, though, and that's really saying something (if you've seen the film, you definitely know which scene).


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