Once you get past Harry Knowles ejaculating over the prospect of David Gordon Green’s (THE PINEAPPLE EXPRESS) epic fantasy/comedy YOUR HIGHNESS, a movie he surprisingly hadn’t heard of previously despite a big write up about it last May… there is actually some news to be found in his article. 

Knowles’ has the scoop that James Franco, Green’s drugged up dealer from THE PINEAPPLE EXPRESS will star in the movie (and the next bit is out Columbo like deducing) as the “prince who smokes weed and fights dragons.” YOUR HIGHNESS will lense soon on sound stages at Belfast for Universal Pictures.


Another PE alumni, Danny McBride who co-wrote the flick with Green’s FOOT FIST WAY writer Ben Best will also star.

Last year Green described the fantasy comedy as such…

“It’s a medieval movie, so we want a bunch of Ray Harryhausen ‘Clash of the Titans’ effects. We’ve been watching ‘Beastmaster’ and ‘Yor, the Hunter From the Future.’ We want to make a movie on a big scale, but utilizing pre-CGI effects like matte painting, animatronics, and puppets. It’s about a prince who smokes weed and fights dragons.”

Loved PINEAPPLE EXPRESS personally, so my ticket is already bought for this one. And we all know Franco can act stoned, so basically putting that character in the universe where he needs to be a hero, and fight dragons but be a manly prince at the same time… well it sounds cool to me.

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This article was first posted on March 19, 2009