David Leitch May Return For Deadpool 3

But how will it be affected by the Disney-Fox merger?

Deadpool 2 David Leitch

Deadpool 2 is once again making waves in the wake of its release on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Download, and so attention has turned to its inevitable follow-up. The sequel to 2016's surprise box-office smash was itself also a success, and though the status of Fox's X-Men movies has been thrown into disarray thanks to the company's merger with Disney, the third entry in Ryan Reynolds' superhero series is likely to brave the storm.

A report from Geeks WorldWide is stating that Deadpool 3 will go ahead alongside Drew Goddard's X-Force spin-off, which went quiet shortly after the writer/director boarded the project. Either way, GWW are claiming that Leitch is now locked on to return for the sequel, although they say so with the caveat that nothing is confirmed until, well, it's confirmed (by Fox, most likely).

In any case, news of Leitch possibly returning to the series is likely to appeal to fans of Reynolds' merc' with a mouth, with the director's experience on productions like John Wick and Atomic Blonde having already paid dividends on Deadpool 2.

Leitch himself is currently working on The Fast and the Furious spin-off Hobbs & Shaw, and is also said to be adapting Ubisoft's (and Tom Clancy's) The Division for the big screen too. Given the Jason Statham-Dwayne Johnson spin-off premiers next year, and with The Division likely to arrive in 2020 at the earliest, if Leitch is attached, we can probably expect the next solo Deadpool outing to be a good few years away.

At least we'll have X-Force to tide us over until then?

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