DCEU: 10 R-Rated Movies DC Needs To Make

9. Lobo

Lobo DC
DC Comics

Somewhat ironically, Lobo began life as a parody of gruff one-man-army superheroes, but was quickly warmly embraced by fans of these types of comics, ending up with a surprisingly prominent role in general DC lore.

Lobo is effectively a space biker who relishes meting out brutal violence on anyone who crosses him, making horrifying use of his superhuman strength as well as a savage array of weapons, namely a metal hook, explosives and firearms a-plenty.

If the DCEU ever gets a Lobo movie off the ground, it would be incredibly foolish for it not to be R-rated, considering why fans grew to love him in the first place, and how a PG-13 rating would dilute his crude essence.

How Likely Is It?: Though a Lobo film has been in development for almost a decade and writer-director Brad Peyton (San Andreas) was attached to helm for a while with Dwayne Johnson starring, at present the proposed film is being re-written without a director or star.

It'd cause such a fan uproar if the movie went PG-13 that Warner Bros. probably wouldn't dare try it, but to that end it's hard to be particularly confident in the film ever actually happening, especially as Peyton has stated that Warner Bros. were unsure about the financial viability of a Lobo solo film. 4/10

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