DCEU: Shazam's TWO Post-Credits Scenes Explained

Wait... the crocodiles were actually important?

Warner Bros.

Post-credits scenes have become one of the most anticipated parts of any superhero film experience. Knowing that you'll get a sneaky extra scene or two - often with heavy hints towards what will be featuring in future films - makes seeing the film all the more exciting. It's almost as though you're getting a secret look into the future, and that's very difficult to not get excited about.

Shazam! meets this hype with not just one, but two different post-credits scenes. While the film itself ends with Billy making good on his promise to his new brother by finally showing the other kids at school that the 'Red Cyclone' does, in fact, know Freddy, this is not where the post-credits scenes begin.

Instead, we are shown Doctor Sivana in the aftermath of the film, where he is, unsurprisingly, in prison. While Sivana scrawls runes on his prison walls, a voice begins to speak to him, mocking his primitive ways of attempting to gain magical powers. The voice is revealed to belong to a talking caterpillar - which, for Shazam fanboys, was maybe one of the most surprisingly exciting DCEU moments to date.

Controversially, both this scene, and the second post-credits scene - while outwardly a little ridiculous - may actually be one of the more important scenes in the DCEU to date. So, why were they so important? And what do they tell us about future films?


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