DCEU: You Need To Stop Calling It The DC Extended Universe

Warner Bros confirm that's not what it's called.

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Warner Bros.

Nobody should be calling DC's current slate of movies the "DCEU", according to a new report from Vulture writer Abraham Riesman, because nobody at the studio internally uses that term.

Riesman was writing a piece about the influence of Wonder Woman on DC's future marketing strategy and was told by studio executives that there's no term used within WB to encompass all of the shared universe movies. Well, not officially, anyway:

Riesman actually went one further too, establishing where the term originated from - a July 2015 article on EW written by Keith Staskiewicz, who Riesman found wasn't being entirely serious when using the phrase:

It's an interesting revelation, particularly as the term seems to be used so widely and was essentially a joke based on the likeness to the MCU. And it's also little wonder Warner Bros don't use it since that's the origin of it.

It's also very odd that the studio has no term for their movies, and seemingly has no immediate interest in releasing one. The reality is probably that the DCEU is an easily marketable term (just as the MCU is) and finding something else would cause an unnecessary headache (as well as a huge marketing cost for a comparatively tiny pay-off).

Perhaps we'll see a retrospective name after the Justice League's first phase ends? It seems more likely now that DC and Warner Bros are working on more "stand-alone" or "one-shot" movies like the Joker Origin. In that respect, it's necessary simple for the logistical concerns.

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