Deadpool 2: 10 Best Moments

THOSE mid-credits scenes, though...

Deadpool 2 Sword

Deadpool 2 is out now in cinemas worldwide, and the critical consensus is that it's an extremely consistent follow-up, falling either slightly above or just below the 2016 original depending on personal preference. Either way, it's the furthest thing imaginable from a lazy follow-up.

While the first act indeed starts off a little shaky, and it can certainly be criticised for both its two-hour runtime and occasional gags that don't quite land, for the most part this is just the uproarious, no-f***s-given superhero movie we all need after Avengers: Infinity War.

It's a movie utterly jam-packed with action, humour and chest-thumping self-awareness, serving up a number of instantly iconic comic book movie moments that fans won't ever forget.

It sure wasn't easy picking just 10 of the best moments, but from insanely boundary-pushing meta-gags to surprisingly strong action sequences, some surprise character reveals and yes, THOSE mid-credits scenes, these are the scenes that define Deadpool 2 at its absolute best...

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