Deadpool 2: 25 WTF Moments

Absolute insanity.

Deadpool 2 WTF

Whether or not you feel that Deadpool 2 decisively lived up to the freshness of the original, it's hard to deny that it firmly outdid its predecessor where inspired, demented madness is concerned.

Ryan Reynolds and co. have once again served up a riotously funny, at times shocking and wonderfully subversive response to just about everything else in the superhero genre.

From pointed mockery of other comic book movie franchises to outrageous pop-culture references, envelope-pushing risque gags and everything in-between, Deadpool 2 sure amped the WTF factor up to 11.

Whether it had you damn-near crying with laughter or legitimately agape at what you just witnessed, one can scarcely imagine what Reynolds and his team might conjure up for the inevitable third movie.

It'll have to be quite the ride to top this glorious mish-mash of sharp self-awareness, wanton brutality and shameless vulgarity. Narrowing this list down to even 25 moments wasn't easy, but these are the gags, action beats and references that best left audiences surprised, appalled and, best of all, thoroughly entertained...

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