Deadpool 2: Every Character Ranked Worst To Best

There's more of them, but are they all still good?

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It's very hard not to love Deadpool 2. It has an infectious swagger to its walk and a cockiness that is pure, unadulterated Ryan Reynolds, with the kind of heart that most comic book movies would kill to be able to call on.

It's rare that you'll see d*ck jokes sit so comfortably alongside real philosophical questions about morality and mortality, all while a ballet of violence explodes around it. And to think that the sequel actually manages to outshine the original in all of the ways that matter, when first sequels can often struggle with sophomore syndrome so badly, is even more impressive.

All too often, sequels can be over-stuffed and reduced to grotesque exaggerations of the things that worked first time out, but Deadpool 2 actually diversifies some of its lead character at the same time as expanding the cast and introducing entirely new story considerations. And for the most part it all works.

Unfortunately, as with any cast (and any sequel), some of the characters end up slightly sidelined (particularly some of the veterans), so it's well worth looking at how they all fit together into a hierarchy. We're not talking about Infinity War scale here, but there are a lot of characters in Deadpool 2. But which is best?

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